Duct tape shortage in Basso

Pedestrians bewareWe all know that duct tape can fix anything so when a crack appeared in our pedestrian overpass at Bassendean railway station, maintenance got straight to work with the wonder product.

Just in case any unsuspecting pedestrians were tempted to step onto the cracked edge of the stairwell, a witch’s hat was carefully placed to warn them. Some black tape was attached to the handrail as an extra warning but this came undone and fell off a few weeks ago. But the duct tape keeps on keeping on.

 Or does it? It may be beginning to show signs of giving up…


Yes, that is a cigarette butt lying in the crack between the tiles. Oh, I should get a few hits with that line!

But back to the subject at hand – why is this ever more urgent safety issue being steadly ignored by all those who will be in the sueing line should the overpass fall down in the next shower of rain? Is there some argument about the maintenance contract? Are the town council, the architects and transperth locked in a bitter dispute over who should pay? Is there a serious duct tape shortage in the Town of Bassendean? If anyone knows the story, please enlightment me.



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3 responses to “Duct tape shortage in Basso

  1. el toro

    I’ve seen a crack in a butt before, but never a butt in a crack!

  2. margeryx

    Hi el toro – thanks for visiting.

    Does this mean my photo is an Internet first?!

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