Basso Fiasco

For the 99.9% of Bassendean residents who missed it, here are some photos of the Planet Earth Festival. What does the main street of Bassendean look like when we put on a festival?


Slightly less busy than when there is no festival.

 These stall holders must have been pleased to have received  so much attention by working on Saturday and Sunday.


And the bands were really pumping – shame about the audience.


It is painful to see a whole lot of rate payers money being burned for no good reason. Only last Sunday, a street festival was held in Angove St, Leederville. This was a great success as it was advertised as  ‘Cappucino Festival’ with large banners on busy roads around the city for a couple of weeks before the event. Town of Basso staffers take note – if you are going to spend money on a festival – make sure people know it is on. There is a lot of competition in entertainment at this time of the year. The local mall was open on the same Sunday as this festival. This means you need to persuade people to come to your party.

There are many ways this festival could have been better promoted – a poster at the Bassendean Railway station would have been seen by many, many people. Instead, the Town used on the same signage they have on the streets all year round. Obviously, people have stopped looking at these. I could go on and on, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

And I think there is a law against a band playing for over 12 hours without a break. Yes, the sky could be falling after that performance.








Ratepayers – please vote for no festival next year.


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8 responses to “Basso Fiasco

  1. But for the want of advertising the festival was lost.

  2. margeryx

    So true, cybill, so true. You would think in these modern times the Town would know that marketing is everything. I really can’t understand why they thought their efforts were adequate.

  3. Completely off topic but I think you just came up with the words for my tombstone “I really can’t understand why they thought their efforts were adequate” – brilliant.

  4. harvan75

    I have to say it must have taken ages to get the photographs without any one. I generally had to wait a couple of minutes and even then still had a person in frame.

    The picture of the blanks seats facing the theatre seems very cruel as when I went past on Sunday afternoon it was packed. Of course that was the ONLY place that did have anyone. 2pm I think it was.

  5. I didn’t even know about it and was only 5 minutes away.

  6. margeryx

    Lazy Aussie – I think that helps make my case.

    harvan75 – I only had to wait about thirty seconds for the empty stall shot, and for the others, it was no time at all. This was on the Saturday – I believe there was slightly better attendance on the Sunday.

  7. chuck

    the planet earth festival was shocking!! it could have been alot better. they had the stalls all seperated along old perth road when they should have all been together, they had the slides and fun stuff hidden away at bic reserve. the old bassendean fair was so great there used to be thousands of people come and everyone loved it, we had the fun house, the octopus, sideshow alley, a smashing car, heaps of stalls, showbags, live bands, alcohol, coin machines, water dunk tanks, and heaps more. i say back at the oval this yr!!

  8. margeryx

    I totally agree, Chuck, well put.

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