Sun on the Rubble

The old Pyrton and TADWA site in Lockridge is being dismantled. For those who aren’t aware, TADWA stands for Technical Aids to the Disabled WA. At TADWA, dedicated volunteers with engineering knowledge make custom designed aids to help people with disabilities access work, education or recreation activities. Having recently moved to new premises in Collier Road, the old site at Pyrton is being dismantled and provided a great photo opportunity.


There is something very sad about abandoned wheelchairs.


 The original plan for the old Pyrton site was a new prison, but fortunately that idea was chased off by the usual suspects, who I believe in this case definitely represented the views of the majority.  At the very least my views and that of at least one neighbour.

The site once contained interesting and well maintained gardens and there are many unusual trees on the site, as well as many well established and beautiful natives. I hope it will be kept as parkland. I believe a section has been earmarked for housing. Perhaps someone in the know can comment? _mg_3244

I love a good tangle of wreckage.


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7 responses to “Sun on the Rubble

  1. Happenings at the Pyrton site move very slowly – it’s almost like someone is going to try and sneak in some stuff (like a huge housing development perhaps) when no-one is looking.

  2. Anonymous Perthon

    If the powers leave it vacant for long enough, people will be desperate to see something/anything happen there and then they can put in what they like – I’m thinking large housing tract too.

  3. margeryx

    The slow progress is probably due to the number of government departments that need to be involved. Dept of Environment, along with Planning & Development and Town of Bassendean must all be involved. And then there are all the residents who may want to appeal whatever is planned.

    I can’t be totally against some housing going in because I am a great believer in suburban infilling. Just make sure the public can still access the river!

  4. Peppi

    I love that top photo, I hope Bassendean Town Council use some of your shots for their calender this year.

  5. SuccessRR

    The Pyrton site is now becoming a popular weekend trail bike motocross venue. Last summer a fire started in the site after some trail bikes were racing through the area.

    Some control needs to be applied or there will be little to care about in the future.

  6. Shannon

    Earmark of despair
    The misbegotten trainyard
    Echoes dustily

  7. margeryx

    Thanks for the Haiku, Shannon. I’m always up for some despair! Or should I say down…

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