The North / South Divide

You will be familiar with the phrase “the wrong side of the tracks” which generally refers to the lower socio-economic side of said tracks. In many a Hollywood movie, the less than des res address of the hero is a significant barrier to social progress or even wedded bliss.

Right here in Bassendean our own right side / wrong side debate rages. Bassendean is a town divided against itself by the hard iron lines of the Midland to City railway. Which side is the best side has been a discussion best avoided if you are visiting from the other side.


When I was a young and living on the Northern side, we were pretty sure that our side was the best. After all, it was the more recently developed side, and in the heady years following the space races, anything new was better. Ths South side was seen as a bit passe.

But since this time, a wave of nostalgia and environmentalism has swept the suburb and cottages and riverbanks are back in style, in spite of the disadvantages of leaking roofs and mosquitos.

I have recently made the move from North to South and I seem to have swapped my allegiance unpatriotically quickly.  South has the donwtown, the river, the footy oval, the Bassendean city farm and the petrol station. Admittedly, the North side has Charlie’s, Ida St. Deli, faster access to Galleria and the Arboretum.

North or South, please let me know whether your side rules, or whether you long to make the switch to the other side of the tracks.



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9 responses to “The North / South Divide

  1. Basso has a RIGHT side of the tracks? You surprise me!

  2. Anonymous Perthon

    The south side costs more, surely that means its better.

  3. margeryx

    I think whichever side I happen to be living on is therefore the right side, though property prices haven’t always reflected this.

  4. Thats so funny, I remember that debate when I lived in Basso. The Northern side has that little community feel to it, but the Southern side has a more fun urban vibe – hmm, I still couldn’t answer the question.

  5. harvan75

    Definately the south side. I’ve also lived on both sides and when we were renting on the north side the house was beige through and through. Our present house is bright in yellows, blues and greens.

    But perhaps we should start campaigning to have the rail line sunk. Then the argument would become moot.

  6. chuck

    the south side is obviously better, we have old perth road city centre, the shopping centre, the hotel, oval, nicer looking streets, and are closer to the city. we call the north side dodgey.

  7. margeryx

    What about crime, Chuck, plenty of that on the south side?

  8. Shannon

    Property prices
    Better in the south- plus there’s
    Target & Fish Feast

  9. Ben

    Bassendean = dodgy as. The administration of bassendean and the elected members need to do something about cleaning up the streets verges footpaths parks and the open space down along Reid st. The whole south area is so rundown, property investors have bought up all the old dumps and rented them out to, well, less than salubrious tenants, check out the quality specimens at the shopping centre and the Bassendean hotel. The area is not improving but going further downhill. Bogan town full of yobbos and scum, I got out quickly, you should too

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