The Bunches of Bai Yon…

and the lunches of Bai Yon can be found at this new Thai restaurant in Old Perth Road. In an interesting commercial mix, which I think is a first for Basso, if not the world, this enterprising business is selling both Flowers and Food.


You can get lunch from Monday to Friday and Dinner 7 nights a week. I have eaten there myself and can say it is value for money, with a classic Green Chicken Curry available for $10.50. Now that is recession busting eating.

I was also tempted to buy a bunch of red roses as I walked home from the train station. At $15 for the bunch, I am going to need some Ruddy good economic stimulation to keep myself in flowers if I am tempted every week.

There seems to be some small problem with the restaurant awning which has been propped up with steel supports for some time, though with all the flowers decorating the front this is hardly noticable. I guess they need to turn a bit more profit before they can get it fixed, so come on citizens, get yourself a cheap feed, a bunch of flowers and help a Basso business prosper. Take away available – 9279 7979 – good number hey? Very Basso!

Comments welcome from anyone who would like to review the Bai Yon Thai Restaurant and Florist!


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6 responses to “The Bunches of Bai Yon…

  1. Gregório

    Hey that restaurant looks cool. You’ve done the sales job for me!

  2. Well it looks very pretty with all the flowers, but the acro’s not so much. There can never be too many Thai food restaurants!

  3. We dropped by a couple of weeks ago for some Thai but had to walk out straight away. Unfortunately the combination of food and flowers doesn’t quite work for those of us who suffer from hay fever. Maybe there’s a reason that this particular combination (food and flowers) could be a world first.

  4. margeryx

    Acros, cybill? Is that the technical name for the awning supports?

    Harvan75 – I hadn’t considered that particular difficulty – maybe they should keep all the flowers out side!

  5. Nagela Tsuni

    Green chicken curry
    Recession busting Thai food
    Cheap at ten dollars

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