Basso Markets an instant success

The first of the last-Sunday-in-the-month markets was held in Old Perth Road today. I arrived at 9.30am, half an hour after the start and it was already very well patronized. The stalls displayed merchandise of a high quality and there was good variety, with fresh food, preserves, clothing, bags and gardening implements available to name a few. The Bassendean Hotel was open for business and serving up a sausage sizzle. The Bassonovas attended and kept the crowd entertained with their particular style of drumming.

I think the Bassendean demographic is more than ready for regular markets and Old Perth Road is a good central location that allows local businesses to reap the benefits of having extra people attracted to the area. The only suggestion I would make for the next market day is a few more chairs, tables and umbrellas. I think this will become more important as the weather heats up. It would be nice if families could bring a picnic and make it a day out. Kudos to the Bassendean Town Council – a well organised and enjoyable event.

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