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Basso Markets an instant success

The first of the last-Sunday-in-the-month markets was held in Old Perth Road today. I arrived at 9.30am, half an hour after the start and it was already very well patronized. The stalls displayed merchandise of a high quality and there was good variety, with fresh food, preserves, clothing, bags and gardening implements available to name a few. The Bassendean Hotel was open for business and serving up a sausage sizzle. The Bassonovas attended and kept the crowd entertained with their particular style of drumming.

I think the Bassendean demographic is more than ready for regular markets and Old Perth Road is a good central location that allows local businesses to reap the benefits of having extra people attracted to the area. The only suggestion I would make for the next market day is a few more chairs, tables and umbrellas. I think this will become more important as the weather heats up. It would be nice if families could bring a picnic and make it a day out. Kudos to the Bassendean Town Council – a well organised and enjoyable event.


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Sun on the Rubble

The old Pyrton and TADWA site in Lockridge is being dismantled. For those who aren’t aware, TADWA stands for Technical Aids to the Disabled WA. At TADWA, dedicated volunteers with engineering knowledge make custom designed aids to help people with disabilities access work, education or recreation activities. Having recently moved to new premises in Collier Road, the old site at Pyrton is being dismantled and provided a great photo opportunity.


There is something very sad about abandoned wheelchairs.


 The original plan for the old Pyrton site was a new prison, but fortunately that idea was chased off by the usual suspects, who I believe in this case definitely represented the views of the majority.  At the very least my views and that of at least one neighbour.

The site once contained interesting and well maintained gardens and there are many unusual trees on the site, as well as many well established and beautiful natives. I hope it will be kept as parkland. I believe a section has been earmarked for housing. Perhaps someone in the know can comment? _mg_3244

I love a good tangle of wreckage.


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Should Town Councillors be paid?

Town councillors receive a minimal renumeration for the long hours they put in and the boring documentaion they have to read in the service of their community. One of our local councillors in East Ward Bassendean has just quit the post and I assume it is due to workload and lack of reward. Because where is the reward? Little of either money or recognition.

Look at the duties – you have to make the effort to actually understand local issues and then take a postion which you will have to defend at council. If it was me I would glance over the background reading and roll over for the councillor who had the loudest voice at the meeting.

But that’s just me. I retain the hope that some people on Council are fair minded, hard working and community orientated individuals doing a thankless task for an uncaring populace that will be the first to complain when things don’t go their way.

It is equally likely that councillors could be self interested individuals who havea financial stake in controlling the rezoning of the Town and other matters related to property values.

What do you think?


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